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One of its kind as it provides clients skin analysis and programmes a tanning session accordingly

Stu Brinks
Absolutely love this place, great faclilties and staff
Claire Fox
Now I have found you, I will keep coming back. I love this place
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Ergoline Sun Angel


The Ergoline Sun Angel sunbed is one of its kind as it provides client's skin analysis and programmes a tanning session accordingly.

Another unique feature is blending the UVA and UVB rays for a flawless, even tan.What is interesting is that the analysis does not only take account of your skin tone but also registers any recent sun exposure.This means that the result is beautiful, perfect and natural tan and certainty that the risk of over-exposure is practically eliminated. Because of the fact that the intensity of the lamps is controlled by your own skin type, the Sun Angel provides a fixed 20 minute session so you get an amazing tan, like never before...
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